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Visalign Putting Mirror

Visalign Putting Mirror

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Improve Your Putting Stroke, Hole More Putts, and Shoot Lower Scores with the Visalign Putting Mirror.

Ask any professional and they will tell you that the fastest way to shave strokes off your score is to improve your short game. More specifically - your PUTTING.

For most players, putting accounts for 40% of your total score!

And anyone can improve their putting - without having to hit the weight room, increase flexibility, or spend thousands of dollars on range balls or lessons.

The putting stroke is a small and simple move that can be perfected by virtually anyone, and can dramatically lower your scores when improved.

But, in order to know that you’re doing the right things, you need feedback.

Constant feedback.

The Visalign Putting Mirror provides instant feedback, stroke after stroke so that you can improve your stroke and alignment awareness, and develop the consistency you need to become a great putter. Just like the pros!

The mirrored surface shows you exactly where you’re aligned - eyes, shoulders, and club face - so that you can make necessary adjustments and corrections to develop a consistent, optimal, and repeatable stroke that makes more putts.

Here's Why Every Golfer Should Grab Their Visalign Putting Mirror Today!

* Correct Your Setup: The mirror helps you place the putter face directly in the center with a perfectly square angle to your target line!

* Monitor Your Alignment: The putting mirror's ultra-reflective surface helps the golfer see their reflection in real-time to adjust their eye alignment, shoulders, and putter face angle.

* Full View of the Stroke: Get a perfect view of your putting stroke for maximum awareness, and ensure your eyes are directly over the ball.

* Easy to Use, Easy to Store: Secure your putting mirror to any green during use with just a couple of golf tees. Each putting mirror also comes in a protective carrying case and fits easily into any golf bag.

* Own the Putting Green: Earn the respect of your peers, shoot lower scores, and finally compete for your Club Championship!

Look, it’s no secret that you can lower your scores by improving your putting…

We’ve heard it all before, and most of us can understand and accept that reality.

So why aren’t players improving?

The main reason is that regular putting practice and nearly every single putting aid on the market doesn’t address the root cause of the problem.

In fact, that type of routine practice can actually make your problems worse!

There’s a famous quote by Vince Lombardi where he says:

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

So, what exactly did he mean by that?

Well, if you’re practicing the wrong things, or in the wrong ways, you’re not going to improve.

In fact, what you’re probably doing is ingraining bad habits into your brain, and actually making the situation worse!

And, unfortunately for most players, this is often what they do when they “work on their putting.”

But not to fear…

With The Visalign Putting Mirror, you’ll know exactly how to execute and repeat a perfect setup and stroke, each and every time.

Your purchase is covered by our 100% no-hassle, money-back guarantee. If the Visalign Putting Mirror isn't everything you're hoping for, just send it back within 60 days for a FULL refund. No questions asked!

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