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Join the Make More Birdies Circle -- talk anything about golf, ask questions, post videos for critiquing, and share your wins. Golf is a great sport to get involved in with others. Whether you are just starting out and want some tips, or you are an experienced golfer looking to learn from others, the Make More Birdies Circle is a great place to be.

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Golf is a difficult sport to learn, but with the help of MMB Circle it can be much easier. In this circle, we will be discussing together ways and how to get better on your golf game.

Whether you want to get better on your golf swing or want to lower your score, we can improve together by asking questions or posting videos here. By doing this, you can get input from other members who have more experience than you, and learn what mistakes you might be making with your swing, Nathan can also jump in and help.

Some people use the MMB Circle to share their wins and milestones, this is a great way to share golf experiences with others whether their love or hate on how they're playing golf, everything is welcome. It can be a fun way to connect with other golfers and build an ideal golf community.

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