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 Our goal is to provide every player with cost-effective options to improve, while enhancing their enjoyment of this great great game of golf.

Make More Birdies is a golf development brand created by Nathan Sprague. It all started when he was a teenager… 

The Effortless System Course

I started playing golf when I was 11 years old, and was completely self-taught. By the time I had reached high school, I had become a pretty solid player, and my parents opted to buy me some private coaching lessons.

While the lessons did help straighten up my miss patterns a bit, they did nothing to help me hit it any further. By my Junior and Senior years of high school, I had become one of the best players in the state (see newspaper clipping below), and even drew the attention of some Division-I college golf programs.

Nathan Sprague Sports News

The glory days of high school. That's me, second from the right, after a record-breaking tournament. Sweet vest, huh?

But, as I got further into the recruiting process with each college, I kept getting rejected and hearing the same feedback from each of the coaches, “you’re a really solid player, Nathan, but you’re just not long enough to play at this level.”

What. A. Bummer.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to draw the attention of a small Division-I program who offered me a scholarship to play for their team. More importantly, it also allowed me to attend a school that offered two academic programs that I wanted to study - Physics and Engineering.

As I progressed through my Freshman year of college and started learning more advanced theories of physics through many of my courses, I began to wonder whether I could apply these to my golf swing.

With access to new, state-of-the-art (at the time) video technology, I was able to break down my golf swing on video and pick apart a few key things to change based on my newfound knowledge of physics and mechanics that I had been learning in college.

I considered making all sorts of changes to my golf swing at first, implementing fundamental theories of physics to use them to my advantage, including velocity, acceleration, circular motion, potential and kinetic energy, frictional and normal forces, and inelastic collisions...

After some trial and error, I landed on a few of the most important key changes that produced staggering results. Things that NONE of my coaches or pros had been talking about…

Suddenly, by the end of my Freshman year (still skinny and weak), I had become a bomber!

I had not only become the longest player on our college team, but I was consistently one of the longest players in the field at every tournament.

And my scores started to plummet…

I carded a career low of 63, another round of 64, and multiple rounds of 65 and 66. Golf was really fun.

Fast forward to today (nearing 40 years of age), I’m a scratch golfer, and still one of the longest players around (see my latest GHIN handicap card below). I have many of my friends and fellow members constantly seeking my advice on how to add distance and consistency to their drives.

Nathan Sprague Sports Golf History

My latest GHIN handicap index card.

And after numerous requests for assistance over the years, I started breaking down my “system” that I had implemented in college to become one of the longest and straightest pound-for-pound drivers around, without having to transform my body or feel like I was swinging harder.

And now, I’m excited to announce that my “system” is now release.


The Effortless Power System Golf Training Course